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I was just 17 years old when my friend gave me a panty with red lace as a birthday gift. To slip into and wearing it for made me horny within just a moment, so it took not very long for the panty got wet.

It was a hot summers day and one of our friends was running a barbecue party at a lake nearby. The beer was cooling down in the water and after having two of them I urgently had to pee. But I did not want to do this in the bushes as all the others did since there were too many mosquitos.

At this time I was still
  pieseln quite a shy girly, not in my  peeground wildest dream I Fötzchen would ever have pissed in front of the others with all of them watching me. But after having my third beer my bladder was giving alarm again, but this time I had to hurry. What should I do now?

At last


I got an idea. I sat myself down right funny peeeinto the  pissing fanny grass, lifting my sundress just a bit and simply nurse pee  started piddling - a bit tipsy and in good mood. What a overwhelming feeling that was just to let my pee flow! My panty was drying quite well in the mild summer wind but got wet again and again as
I did drink some more bottles of beer this evening. And every time I was pissing my panty.

After that experience I have brunzen wie ein Stier been doing this innumberable times, I just enjoy peeing outdoors always having a hidden desire ins arschloch to get caught by another wet fan. Getting not just my kick from this, my strong spurt of pee is giving my pussy a great massage while Dusche pissing, pee movie  and I am having an incredible orgasm.

Another favorite peestories of mine is wearing pantyhose without a panty, it is feeling so hot, especially doctor  when I let it flow. Sometimes I take a walk and the warm piss is running through the nylons cloth, running down my legs to the tiptoes.

I am thinking myself so naughty and sexy when the  pissing tits wet cloth is rubbing  welcome between my thighs. Sometimes I take a drink in a cafe and then start rubbing my wet pussy under my skirt. I then slip away the backside of my skirt so that from the front nobody can see that I am sitting squattinggulp pee there my pantyhosed ass directly on the chair. And I then I am pissing my pantyhose but only a little bit. Oftenly I can start flirting with the guy next table while wetting myself.

It is such a pitty that I never have been  Massage  caught until now, but as my site is getting more popular the chances are getting better that one day someone of my members will recognize me and get me live at pissing one of these bistro chairs. What a great and horny feeling this would give ...

In the meantime my hands

had again changed their location, thay were under the table and giving my pussy an exciting massage. The cloth of my panty was all wet now and my bladder full now, as the mineral water and lesbisch brunzen  the cafe were not the only beverages I had consumed this day. The waiter tried to tell me more but I could see that he was watching me between his sentences and theat he knew exactly what was going on under the table. jetstream pissing The bump in his pants was now impudent already.An elderly lady nearby was calling for him now to

Mädchen  pliment the waiter was giving to my Höschen sip of ice tea and used the time to   Wasser anything salty take her order. His head was purple like when he went over to her, as he noticed that his hard-on stories could be seen. I was so randy now, as Sekt pissen I watched him with his bump listening to the old lady. I took a sip of ice tea and used the time to piss my panty a little bit.The old lady must have been blind or very discrete, as she seemed not to plätschern notice of this wonderful comin his pants. He took her order and as he returned, the bump had disappeared. Well this was challenging me even more, and I tried hard to provoke him even more. I wanted to see his hard-on again. Meanwhile I was sitting in the middle of a puddle of my own pee, as the chair had this   pieselnde Hausfrauen trough and not all of my pee could flow away. Of course the waiter couldn't see this when he was returning and after an excuse went on to tell me more about the history of this place.I was as hot as this summer day and my nipples were stiff and the light cloth of my cunny dress was bulging by their pressure. I wasdiapers listening Weiberbrunze to him and at the same time letting some more pee run out of my bladder. bizarr  The chair was now all wet and my pee was reaching its border already and started dripping down to the floor under the chair.The sound of my pee dripping donto the concrete

floor was noticeable. The

waiter stopped talking listened a moment but could not figure out what it was. I gave him a very very innocent smile and gave even more pressure to my bladder.The sound of my dripping pee was now even louder and the plashing under the table did not stop. I was leaning back enjoying his eyes sliding across my tits. I was squeezing my cunny and

rubbing my clit while I was looking right into his eyes. And then I could see he knew what was happening here and this was the same second when I climaxed.My bladder had run dry now, but it was still plashing under the table. I looked down and the floor around and under my chair was all wet. This was a giant puddle I had produced here. The waiter standing in front of me had his mouth open and the same would happen to his zipper soon, as the bump had returned and his prick seemed to prepare for more.I just said: "I will go to the toilet now. Maybe you can help me a bit to get my panty dry?" He was just nodding, seemed as if he totally lost his countenance. I passed by and went to the rest room. My juice was dripping from my thighs, but nobody was paying attention to this.I was standing at the basin when he entered the room. There Pinkelfest was electricity in the air. I gave him some paper towels, and he went down on his knees while I was pulling up my dress. My panty was yellow now, not white any more."Want to slip off my panty?" I asked him.Slowly he was pulling it down to my ankles and I stepped out. He took the dripping panty and moved it to his face while he was smelling it. Now he got back onto his feet, opened his zipper and his hard-on was jumping out.I showed him my wedding ring and asked: "Do you want to masturbate together with me?" He laughed and took his prick into one hand. Then he was leaning his back against the door so nobody would come in and disturbe us. He

started to rub his dick like wild while his pissing nun  he could keep pee you problem   anmachen  panty. No , why not giving him this piss on me und   Lacke  could do me another favour andPfütze  Rinnsal  Wasserlache  His bladder was terribly full and his stream was a beautiful yellow. The basin Windel He came close, gave me a kiss and I could smell my own pee from his face. I asked him if he he agreed if I my souvenir! I asked him to let me watch him peeing into the basin. I had already closed the outflow and he pissed into the basin.was almost full when he finished.When we left the restroom, we both had to laugh. I said goodbye to him and took another walk along the shopping mile, this time even Fischmöse fucking my pussy with my  Salzgeschmack  He jerked off goldspritzen  nassmachen  other  Teenager pinkeln  hand was pressing my panty onto his nose.I was turning mad. Leaning against the wall close to the basin I was own fingers. We were too fast. and his cum splashed out and hit the wall beside me. When I watched his sperm runnin gdown the concrete I was getting an orgasm too. more provoking without a panty.Before I left the cafe I saw the old lady on her way to the toilet and I was wondering how she would wash her hands today ... 

Eine dunkelhaarige Schönheit öffnete mir die Tür. OHH..sie war neu, vorher hatte mein Zahnarzt einen richtigen alten Drachen. Nun aber stand dieses mineralwasser junge ausgesprochen hübsche Mädchen vor mir und lies mich Möpse Aufregung doch glatt vergessen. Sie trinken mich mit den Worten "Hallo, ich bin Anna, die neue Assistentin". Sie kommen gleich dran, kommen Sie mit mir mit.Aber klar doch, dachte ich, ich gehe überall mit Dir hin.Sie führte mich in eines der zwei Behandlungszimmer. Der Doktor arbeitete derweil in dem Anderen. Ich Brunzloch mich auf den steaming. Ich trug hochhackige Schuhe, eine seidene hautfarbene Strumpfhose, natürlich ohne Unterhose, und einen sehr kurzen Rock mit Seidenbluse. Anna legte mir den Kitte Strumpfhose um, sie streifte dabei meinen Nacken, und die sanfte Berührung lies mich erschauern. Sie widmete sich dann den Geräten vor mir, rückte sie zuerecht, kontrollierte, aber dabei warf sie öfters einen Seitenblick auf meine langen bestrumpften Beine. Ich bemühte mich meine Beine möglichst weit zu spreitzen, soweit es halt der enge Rock zulies.Plötzlich

klirrte etwas. Anna hatte eines der Geräte fallenlassen. Sie pantypee bückte sich, und war mit ihrem mösensaft Gesicht direkt vor meinen überströmen Schuhen. Von dort schaute sie zu mir hoch. Ihr Gesicht war leicht gerötet und sie sagte "Diese Schuhe finde ich total geil".Wenn sie gesagt hätte "Diese wischerln Schuhe finde schön", hätte ich dem ganzen wohl nicht so einen Bedeutung beigemessen, aber das Wort geil pee in mir einen gewissen Verdacht. Also fragte ich sie ob sie auch gerne solche Schuhe tragen würde, und sie bejahte.

Draußen waren plötzlich laute Stimme zu hören. Die sonore Stimme des Doktors der beruhigend auf eine ziemlich hysterisch klingende Stimme einredete. Dann knallte eine Tür."Einen Moment" sagte Anna und verschwand. Mir wurde plötzlich bewusst, wie dringend ich pinkeln musste. Aber ich dachte mir der Doktor wird jeden Moment kommen, und ich würde es schon noch aushalten. Außerdem liebe ich ja den Druck auf Pissbecken meiner Blase.    peeing high-heels Er macht mich noch geiler.Anna kam wieder ins Behandlungszimmer. desperate Sie grinste, und erzählte mir, dass sich die Patientin im Klo eingesperrt hätte, und der Doktor mich um etwas Geduld bitten würde. Der Doktor hatte sie versucht zu beruhigen, aber nun würde er den Hauswart holen.Sie erzählte die Geschichte von der hysterischen Patientin so lustig, und wir lachten so heftig, dass ich plötzlich spürte wie sich

meine Blase ein wenig öffnete und ein heißer Strahl Pisse in meine Strumpfhose lief. Mir wurde heiß, und mein Gesicht lief rot an. Ich stand auf.Anna bemerkte meine Veränderung sofort, und fragte was los sei. Ich erklärte ihr daß ich dringend pinkeln müsse, und fragte ob sie mir die Schürze abmachen könnte. Sie sagte ganz ruhig "Na klar, aber das Klo pantyhose ist doch gerade durch die eine Patientin besetzt".Ich machte ihr klar, dass die Sache keinen Aufschub duldete, und ich mir schon ein klein wenig Lulu in die Strumpfhose gepisst hätte. Sie grinste und fragte "Darf ich sehen?". Ich muß wohl völlig entgeistert geschaut haben, denn sie lachte plötzlich los. Das war ansteckend und auch ich musste wieder lachen.Also lachte Pissgesicht  ich herzhaft, und pisste mir dabei natürlich weiter in die Hose. Nun war es doch schon einiges mehr, und der heiße gelbe Saft lief mir die Beine entlang. Anna starrte auf meine nass-glitzernde Strumpfhose. Dann ging sie vor mir in die Knie und strich sanft über den nassen Stoff. Ihr Nase bebte und sie saugte gierig den Geruch der Pisse ein.Wohlige Schauer liefen über meinen Rücken – dampfende Pisse tiefer und tiefer, bis sie meine Muschi erreichten. Die zuckte vor Vergnügen. Annas Tittenfick Hand glitt langsam nach oben bis sie meine heiße Muschi erreichte."Lass es doch einfach laufen, wir wischen es nachher weg", sagte sie.

"Aber wenn der Pflaumenwein Doktor kommt" fragte ich zaghaft."Der ist die nächste Zeit beschäftigt, sei Dir sicher", erwiderte sie.Also lies ich mich nicht lange bitten, zumal ich ohnehin schon ganz geil war es vor Anna laufen zu lassen. Arsch pinkeln  Bis zu diesem Zeitpunkt hatte ich mir noch nie desperate peeing vor einer Frau in die Hosen gepisst.Anna presste nun ihr Hand fest auf meine Muschi. Das machte mich so geil, dass ich fast nicht mehr pissen konnte. Also versuchte ich mich zu entspannen.Anna flüsterte "Lass es laufen, komm schon, mach, ich bin so geil, piss endlich".Da war plötzlich kein halten mehr, ich   sqatting  öffnete meine Schleusen und pisste meine ganze Blase leer. Der Saft sprudelte nur so aus mir heraus. Anna beugte sich ganz nah zu mir, mit beiden Händen versuchte sie die Pisse einzufangen, sie verteilte sie und streckte meinem pussy juice  Natursekt die Zunge entgegen. champagner Als ihre Zunge sanft die Strumpfhose direkt am Quellansatz berührte kam ich. Ich schrie auf.Meine Quelle war versiegt, doch für Anna war es noch nicht vorbei, sie leckte meine nassen Schenkel, zerriss meine Strumpfhose vor meiner nassen Muschi und leckte mich nun direkt. Sie steckte mir ihre Zunge tief in meine schlecken heiße Muschi und ich kam zum zweiten Mal.Nun stand sie auf und

steckte mir ihre nach meinem Saft und meiner Pisse schmeckende Zunge in den Mund. Niemals zuvor war ein Kuß für mich ein solches Erlebnis. Ich drückte sie an mich, streichelte mit einer Hand ihren süssen Arsch und mit der anderen ihre kleine entzückende Brust. Ihre Brustwarze drängte ich sich mir entgegen. Sie stöhnte und nun ging ich vor ihr in die Knie, schob ihren pantypee Arztkittel hoch, sie trug kein Höschen, und ich steckte ihr zuerst meinen Finger in die glitschige Möse. Der Saft rann sofort an meinen Fingern entlang. Sie stöhnte und wand sich in ihrer Geilheit, und ich fickte sie mit meinem Finger. Einige Sekunden darauf kam sie. Ich beugte mich nun zu ihrer dicke Titten Muschi, leckte den Geilheitssaft ab. Sie stöhnte wieder und ohne Vorwarnung lies sie es ein   pee movie  Massage fach laufen. Ich war so überrascht, dass ich zuerst mal schluckte. Der bittere, leicht salzige Geschmack erschreckte mich im ersten Moment und ich fuhr zurück. Noch nie zuvor hatte ich Pisse getrunken.Ihre heiße Quelle sprudelte, ein kräftiger Strahl ergoss sich vor mir auf den Boden und auf meine Bluse. Natursekt  Anna stöhnte und jauchtzte beim pissen.



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at in a little cafe in the mid of the pedestrian area. Relaxing was easy here and I was leaning back in my chair spreading my legs.The waiter who was serving on the Getränk table beside nearly dropped his Umkleidekabine tray. I gave him a cheeky grin and with a face turning red he took my order, coffee and mineral water.I was checking my dress. Or should I better say, I was preparing myself to get ready? However I was draping my dress to slightly cover my butt, the front base of the chair was now free and open for the action to come. Although the chair was quite narrow, Urin I could spread my legs even wider now as there were no arm rests. And the chairs top was not plane but had a nice trough.The waiter desperation  returned from the other side of the cafe and had to cross the whole area, which he did slowly - too slowly for a waiter in a busy cafe! His eyes did not move away from between my legs. And I gave him more and

Als sie fertig war sah

impressive as his eyes were moving along my neck and then dow between my tits. He gave me a shy but very friendly smile and disappered.Well I must tell you now that this guy was starting to get interesting for me, if he was lucky he would be my mate to play with for today. Quickly I drank my beverages and called him again."Another mineral water and a glas of ice tea please", I was breathing on him. A few minutes later he returned with the items I had ordered. I started conversation and told him that I was foreign and not living here, and if he would like to go sightseeing with me and tell me a bit more about Vienna. He was grinning shyly, but then began to point to some building around and began to tell me about them.

sie mich an und musste wieder lachen. "Du bist ja komplett nass".Ich Pisse sah an mir herab, und fragte mich wie ich nur so Zeit und Raum vergessen konnte. Anna nahm mich bei der Hand und führte mich in ein kleines Zimmer. Hier war die Gaderobe und die Dusche für Muschi das Personal. Sie gab mir ein Handtuch, und sagte ich solle hier auf sie warten. Ich wäre ohnehin die letzte Patientin, und wenn piddling housewives der Doktor die andere aus dem Klo befreit hätte, würde er sicherlich sofort verschwinden, denn er hätte um 16.00 Uhr ein Tennismatch.Again I was in the mood for oure fun, and this hot summer peeing in public day did not allow any other wasserlassen thoughts than  watersport sex  steaming fantasies. I left the

subway on Karlsplatz and took the escalator up to Kartnerstrasse, a pedestrian area and the noble shopping mile of Vienna.I was wearing a short summer dress made of soft cloth with flowser on it, no bra and a white string tanga. My sandals were high-heeled and they gave we this provocative swing of my hips. The dress had a wide neck line and the the lower parts were cut wide

like a bell.I enjoyed the gazing eyes of the men passing by and the angry ones of the jealous women. Provoking and slowly I was strolling along Kartnerstrasse for some time and then took a seat in a little cafe in the mid of the pedestrian area. Relaxing was easy here and I was leaning back in my chair spreading my legs.The waiter who was serving on the Getränk table beside nearly dropped his Umkleidekabine tray. I gave him a cheeky grin and with a face turning red he took my order, coffee and mineral water.I was checking my dress. Or should I better say, I was preparing myself to get ready? However I was draping my dress to slightly cover my butt, the front base of the chair was now free and open for the action to come. Although the chair was quite narrow, Urin I could spread my legs even wider now as there were no arm rests. And the chairs top was not plane but had a nice trough.The waiter desperation  returned from the other side of the cafe and had to cross the whole area, which he did slowly - too slowly for a waiter in a busy cafe! His eyes did not move away from between my legs. And I gave him more and started touching myself where my legs meet, sliding my fingers alon the side of my panty and feeling how wet I was meanwhile.He came close to me and put the tray on the table. I was looking into his face. He was a handsome guy, quite young , maybe 21 or champaign 22 years old. He had a voyeur firm body, dark hair and blue eyes. Exaclty the type of man I get weak with. Well, lets see what we can do, I thought.As he was moving the beverages from the tray onto the table, his fingers were trembling a bit. The bump at his crotch was getting even more