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Hello and welcome to my website!
See me as I am trying to get my panties dry in the sun ... My name is Samantha, I'm 22 years old, born in the Czech republic and now living in Austria. I am a true and very voluptuous exhibitionist lady; or to keep it short: sexy, blond and horny. I am daing a jobs as photomodel in Austria and Germany.
In summer 2000 I did my first own website, a few pages only. At first I was a bit sceptic if it would make any sense and if anybody would pay any attention to me little girl compared to all those big internetstars. But I just did it and success was on my side, as I got lots of emails from you telling me how much you liked my site and how steamy you got watching my pictures and videos. Wow that gave lots of energy back to me and I wanted to go on with my website.
Today I am proud to document my colorful sexlife for you and I have become aeven a bit addicted to it. More and more I am giving you insight into my goings full of fantasies; the main theme here is still watersports (or just call it "good old dirty pissing"), but I am also in S&M games, some sizzling lesbian lickings and of course my very own masturbations.

My Girlfriends ...
Our wet troops ...   Another good news is that I want to show you some of girlsfriends of mine peeing. I have found lots of joy watching them, peeing together with them or getting pissed by them. Thus I thought it would be nice to show all these fine pics to you on my website. As I am working as a model myself, I am knowing a lot of other girls in that job, but not all of them want to pee in front of the lens, not even if they get paid a lot for that.
But this is where my open mind and charisma come to my credit and that I like to talk with other people. So I am just telling the girtls I meet what I am doing, that I am running a website and that it is real fun for me to piss. And then it's easy to see what she thinks about that, if there is some kind of refusal, shyness or just lust in her eyes.
See me pissing Anna and watch her as she enjoys my warm urine running down her little teenie tits ...
So it's easy to me to guarantee that all the girls on this site have their fun doing what they do, squirting their pee for the camera or getting piddled at and then tasting the other girls pussy!

What I really enjoy is getting done wet, I absolutely like it if another woman is peeing onto my naked body and I can feel her warm and tender fluids on my skin. I also like to watch them if they pee their panties and there is nothing better than to open my mouth and put it right into their stream. Some girls like Manu and Aida did it the first time in front of the camera, just for me as I asked them to do it. And believe me, you will enjoy every single drop as much as I did when I was suckking their salty clits.

Below you find all my pissing girlfriends...

CLICK ME! Benita, age 21 and already noiminated for the Venus Award 2001 (the "European Porn Oscar"). It's her passion to be a porn model and you will find a lot of her here on my site as she is such a hot girl and I really like to play with her!!! CLICK ME! Renee Pornero, age 22, working as a photo- and hardcore model. You will find a link to her page in the members section. She is totally devoted to her job and she was one of the girls who were piss virgins when I first met them. Now she loves watersports and her wonderful labia are great for playing with!
In the meantime Renee is a well known porno actress in Austria, Germany and the USA...
So you will get exclusively all photoseries and movies from her start in the erotic scene in my members area!
CLICK ME! Anna, age 21, born in Vienna is a dental assistent. She has always been on theat "watersports drug" before. Her personal favorite is pantypee. CLICK ME! Marlene, age 22, working as a secretary. Jobbing as a model is not her main profession it is more a kind of hobby for her. She is extremely exhibitionistic and the camera is a good chance for her to show lots of people what she has got to offer. What a luck that she is also a pissing talent by nature and showing you her squirting cunt makes her randy.
CLICK ME! Jenny, age 23, working as a fotomodel and webcamgirl. She is a friend of Benita and there are some special shots showing them playing their watergames and tonguefucking each other. CLICK ME! Lisa, age 29, was born in Hungary and is now living in Vienna. She is as hot as paprika and likes to get dressed sharp. One of her likings is playing rolegames one time being submissive and onother time being dominant.
Hi Ladies out there on the net! Just drop me a line if you like to pee for the cam!   Just one thing to say here: I would like to get emails from other ladies who like watersports sex. So just drop me a line if you would like to piss me of get a golden shower right from me. Who knows, maybe you even would like to do it in front of the cam together with me?





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